Samsung isn’t satisfied just making smartphones to run on other companies’ operating systems and for the past year the South Korean company has been working with Intel to merge its own bada OS with Intel’s HTML5-based mobile OS called Tizen.

Speculation was high last month that the newest software might be unveiled during the Tizen Developers Conference, but Samsung’s first Tizen-powered device remains elusive. However, earlier this week, Tizen Indonesia shared a new batch of screenshots of Tizen 2.1, giving us a peek at the operating system’s email, browser and camera applications.

Based on these pictures, Samsung and Intel have made a ton of progress in developing Tizen. For the first time it’s looking like the company may be able to make good on its promise to release a Tizen-powered handset by the end of 2013. Then again, these could be renderings of what the OS will eventually look like, rather than real screenshots.