TiVo fans, your number-one digital video recording company has just outted its latest this week — and boy, it looks like a doozy. Introducing the Premiere Elite DVR, TiVo’s newest box of recording, time-shifting goodness. Although the internals are based on the popular Series 4 line, this behemoth brings even more recording muscle to the party — with not two, not three, but four tuners that can handle quadruple the “recordage” simultaneously (even if you’re watching a fifth show from your “Now Playing List”). The Elite’s roomy 2TB of storage can stash up to an eye-splitting 300 hours of programming in HD.

Elite hopefuls can rest assured that the Premiere Q debacle won’t be repeated here. (Back when TiVo unleashed the Q, a lot of fans were pretty upset with its limited availability via cable providers.) This time around, fans will be able to hit up Best Buy Magnolia stores, authorized home theatre resellers and, of course, TiVo.com itself by year’s end. Why the delay? Well, the company is waiting for the FCC on this one — the box uses a CableCARD for its all digital platform, effectively banishing analog altogether, so it needs a green light from the commission before it can ship.

Speaking of green — whenever it is that the Premiere Elite DVR will launch, customers can expect to pay up to the tune of $499 (with subscription). For the money, users will get a boatload of recording capability, direct access to popular streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and YouTube), audio and video that only THX Certified electronics can offer, and compatibility with select home automation systems.

This is undoubtedly an epic TiVo product. Whether it’s worth the equally epic asking price — well, we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, we’ll know soon.

Anyone putting this on their wish lists?

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