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Fans who have been watching Titanfall's progress to release closely were understandably stressed when early information about the Titanfall alpha started circulating. The alpha shipped with reduced textures to shrink the overall download size, according to the Respawn Entertainment official Twitter account.

The public beta, however, was running with full resolution textures. A fan tweeted at Respawn boss Vince Zampella inquiring about it and got the following answer:

Another fan responded with threats of canceling his PC pre-order, to which Zampella responded that the auto-detect settings in the PC's beta didn't work very well and that a lot of memory will be required for maximum texture settings if you're planning to play on PC.

As Game Informer notes, the low resolution textures of the alpha were likely a big part of the reason why Respawn didn't want alpha players posting videos and screenshots online.

Zampella has been active in responding to fans on Twitter with the many Titanfall questions they have, fielding queries about install size (20GB on Xbox One), how private matches will work on PC (Coming in a patch), whether Origin will allow pre-load (Yes, it will), and even the difference in release dates across different territories (Different territories have different standard game release days, but Vince loves everyone equally).

The game looked great running on Xbox One, and I hope Respawn has the auto-detection software running properly for the PC release next week. It's good to have answers about the game coming straight from the top of the Respawn chain rather than PR or rumor, and it sets a good precedent for how Respawn releases will work in the future.

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