Titanfall is just over a week away. It’s so close we can almost taste it, because that’s what you do with video games. New images and details are leaking out to the Internet constantly for us to gobble up. Two sets of images leaked over the weekend – screenshots of various locations in the game and top-down layouts of each map. Careful study of the images could result in spoilers, so dig in at your own risk.

A Redditor by the name of FallenFusion also had a few unconfirmed details to add into the mix.

Instead of a Prestige option, Titanfall will allow you to Regenerate once you’ve maxed out your level, with the image below ostensibly being what you’ll see when you choose to do that. It looks pretty similar to Call of Duty’s Prestige for the most part, though I don’t think Prestige comes with accelerated experience accrual. Burn cards carry over, but any other unlocks are lost and need to be regained.


A Pilot Hunter mode will have players killing pilots to reach the score limit, with Grunts and Spectres only serving to reduce time to Titan replacement and Titan Core abilities. FallenFusion calls out turrets, stating they are heavy emplacements requiring multiple titans to take down, but that one team or another can hack them to make use of them with the same data knives some users found they could use to hack Spectre characters in the beta a few weeks ago. Ziplines can be used from either end and can be attached to in midair.

The gallery below is a series of layouts of all the different maps in the game with smaller images calling out their key features. The images look legitimate, with images of the demo levels Angel City and Fracture included within, so it’s unlikely that they’re fake.

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