Respawn and EA announced not too long ago that all Titanfall 2 multiplayer DLC and modes will be free. They want to keep the playerbase together with the same new content throughout.

That first bit of free content has a release date, and it drops on November 30, 2016.

The Angel City map from Titanfall will come to the game for free. Folks who pre-ordered the title will see it on November 30, while everyone else will get it on December 3rd. That map is one piece of “Angel City’s Most Wanted,” which also includes new weaponry and Titan equipment.

Titanfall 2 will sell cosmetics, but no currency exchange for real money

If you want to buy in-game cosmetics, you can do that. You can’t, however, buy loot boxes or use real money to buy in-game currency. Here’s Respawn:

We will have no in-game currency exchange. No locked loot boxes, crafting shards or pay-to-win weaponry. No RNG. If you see something you like, you buy it and that’s it. These in no way effect stats and are purely cosmetic. We will have two Prime Titans available at launch. They have new chassis and assassinations but function the exact same way as their original counterparts.

Honestly, I’m fine with all of this. All players will get actual playable content for free, though diehards will have the option to drop money here and there.

Respawn’s doing game support the right way with Titanfall 2. It may result in strong sales over the long term.