In case you've never heard of or tried this addicting little mobile ham sandwich, Tiny Tower is a sim game that places players in control of a building and the business within. Well, more accurately, players start with a foundation and use money earned either in-game or by way of micro-transactions in order to buy business and add them to their building.

You'll be made to wait for floors to be built or inventory to restock, which will force you to close and open the app several times a day on your mobile device in the name of progress and gaming on the go.

A lot of people are enjoying Tiny Tower and playing it several times a day. Like, a super lot. The game's developer, Ian Marsh, took to Twitter to reveal the extent of users involved in all of this building, business owning and resident pleasing work:

Tiny Tower is now seeing over 1 Million daily users with over 10 Million sessions a day, dang!

Dang, indeed. Joystiq further clarified that the figure Marsh Tweeted doesn't even take Android gamers into account. The one million daily users logging more than 10 million daily sessions only figures for the iOS platform.

Tiny Tower is a mostly free game to play. You can get by without spending a dime as long as you're willing to wait several hours between each strategic move and purchase. You can, of course, speed up the process buy spending real money for in-game money and avoid waiting altogether.

That, we assume, is where Marsh makes all of his bucks.

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