I wouldn’t call Terra my favorite Final Fantasy protagonist, but I’ve always had a special affection for her. This is mostly because she was the very first character I ever controlled in a JRPG back when I first stumbled into the genre. I also remember she was quickly overshadowed by some of her more interesting supporting cast, but she still held in there until the end of the story.

And I always forget that her original name is “Tina.” Ugh, Terra is a far superior name. Thanks a lot for that, localizers.

It always takes something from Japan to remind me of the name change, and here she is in her own Dissidia Final Fantasy character trailer. Much like in Final Fantasy VI, Terra, as we are going to call her, has the ability to swap between her human form and her Esper form, the results of her mixed heritage. Either way, she is a fabulous mage who attacks at a distance, and her Esper form will make her more powerful for brief bursts of time.

I never used Terra as a pure mage in Final Fantasy VI though, and I don’t intend to here either. The magic will certainly come in handy, but I’ll still be right in your face with her.

We all know who is getting his trailer tomorrow, so look forward to a lot of comparisons between Super Smash Bros. and Dissidia Final Fantasy!