We've been talking about the Oculus Quest ever since we first heard about it, and the closer we get to its release, the more excited we get! It's set to officially begin shipping on May 21, 2019, which means that if you haven't already placed your pre-order, time's running out for you to get one on launch day! There are two versions of the headset that will be available, the 64GB option which is priced at $399, and the 128GB option, which comes in at $100 more, making it $499.

Reality goes virtual

Oculus Quest

It's not on sale yet, and likely won't be for quite a while. Don't miss out on the release hype, and get one for yourself today!

Starting at $399

There's a whole lot to know about the Oculus Quest, the all-in-one untethered VR headset. Since it's one of the most anticipated VR headsets to date, and just about our entire team of gaming writers is insanely excited about it, we've been breaking it down for weeks now. From answering questions like how long the battery lasts to helping you pick which one to buy, and explaining how much space you need, we've got you covered.

With May 21 just around the corner, time is really running out to get your order in so you'll have one on launch day. As with most new electronics, we don't anticipate to see any big deals just yet that would make it worth holding out, so why not just get your order in today so you can enjoy it from the very first minute it's released?

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