Time Warner Cable announced yesterday that it will be financing Slingboxes for some of its customers. Time Warner Cable subscribers who currently use the company’s $99-month wideband Internet service can receive a rebate for the full $300 cost of a Slingbox.

Rebates are expected to start becoming available in September as a promotion for the Wideband service.

Once connected, a Slingbox will give users the ability to watch programming from their home television anywhere they choose, including a mobile phone.

Time Warner is currently in the midst of a legal battle with Viacom over an application it launched earlier this year allowing customers to watch content on their iPads. Viacom claimed the iPad app was “unlicensed distribution” of content, while Time Warner filed a countersuit claiming that customers had the right to watch television content on all the screens in their homes, include the screen of their ipad. Currently Viacom’s channels are not available on the app.

What do you think about Time Warner offering Slingboxes? Do you think it will get them in hot water with other networks?

[via NYT]