I’m a huge fan of John Hodgman. When he co-starred in the famous “I’m a Mac” series of Apple commercials, his perfect comedic timing made Windows seem more tempting than Justin Long’s hipster representation of Macs.

Hodgman Mac

Hodgman was supposed to convey Windows as a snoozefest compared to Macs, but after spotting this 1996 Apple video (recently dug up by Boing Boing and called “hideous”), he could have been patterned after the narrator in Apple’s own promo. Shockers: The narrator boasts about the Mac OS, while ripping on the insanely popular Windows 95.

Of course, this is before Jobs returned to helm the company — the complete and utter lack of style is a major tip-off to that — but note the lead-in: Was this the first whiff of what we’d see today as Siri?

To view the hideousness, click play on the vid below and enjoy the time trip.

[Via Boing Boing]