instagram-brandon-russellIf you're an active Instagram user, your next picture could be featured in an upcoming issue of TIME. A post from the publication's website on Wednesday solicited readers to submit photos to the magazine, with an aim to highlight the roll "of the cellphone in everyday life."

The project, which is yet another example of digital merging with print, follows a Sport's Illustrated issue that featured several Instagram pictures from in-house photographer Brad Mangin.

Moments are fleeting, and today's smartphone camera technology has reached a point where there's almost no need for your typical point-and-shoot. Instagram's popularity has grown to over 40 million users as of April, so TIME is likely to get plenty of fantastic submissions.

Sure, simply applying filters doesn't make everyone a "photographer," but there's no denying the fact that there are a lot of quality shots inhabiting the photo sharing application.

To participate, simply include the hashtag #TIMEwireless in your next Instagram post, along with a caption with your name and geotag information. Photos that violate someone's rights will not be accepted.

TIME offers up a few suggestions — self-portrait, your home, food, landscapes, a man named Gary you met in Julian, CA (above) — which basically describes every Instagram photo ever. It's summer guys, I think we can get a little more creative than that.

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