Apple’s never been shy about poking fun at its rivals in the past, whether that’s IBM, Microsoft or Google, but today CEO Tim Cook was uncharacteristically harsh in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that covered everything from Google’s decision to sell off Motorola to rumors that the next iPhone will feature a significantly larger screen.

“We have over half-million [apps] that have been optimized for iPad,” Cook boasted. “That half-million compares to 1,000 for Android tablets. That’s one of the reasons, although not the only reason, why the experience on Android tablets is so crappy because the app is nothing more than a stretched out smartphone app.”

While Apple puts pressure on developers to release apps designed specifically for the iPad, Google goes the opposite route, making it easy for Android apps to scale across smartphones and tablets alike. In the end Apple has an edge when it comes to tablet apps, though that hasn’t stopped Google and its manufacturing partners quickly grabbing up market share.

Touching on Google’s decision to sell Motorola to Lenovo, Cook called it a “logical transition.” The deal, he argues, demonstrates that Google simply isn’t committed to hardware, unlike Apple which prefers to control every aspect of their devices.

The entire interview is interesting and worth a read, though Cook unsurprisingly refuses to hint at Apple’s future plans beyond promising “some really great stuff.” Check out the full thing via the source link below.