Where do you take a company when it is considered the most valuable company in the world? What do you do to keep it fresh? While Apple CEO Tim Cook is tight lipped as ever, he definitely dropped some hints in an interview with NBC's Brian Williams Thursday night.

In the lead up to tonight's big Tim Cook interview on Rock Center, we already knew some hints would be dropped to the long-rumored Apple television, but what comes after that? Brian Williams asked what consumers could expect to see from Apple in 10 years, but Cook only sheepishly grinned and said, "Our whole role in life is to give you something you didn't know you wanted, and then once you get it you can't imagine your life without it." Williams couldn't let it end there and goaded him by saying, "Starting with …" to which Cook replied, "And you can count on Apple doing that."

While Cook could be spreading some hyperbole, that isn't what Apple is known for, so it sounds as though there are some plans afoot for some future products we are not yet aware of. As the television had already been addressed earlier, this definitely seemed to be referring to an unknown product.

What is it? Who knows, but it sounds like we will one day slap our foreheads and declare, 'why didn't I think of that?'