Tim Cook has opened up about Apple's battle against the FBI in a new interview, during which he describes an iOS backdoor as "the software equivalent of cancer." The CEO goes on to explain why Apple is against hacking its own platform in the first video ever filmed in his own office.

The interview with ABC News comes one week after Cook published an open letter that explained Apple's decision to fight an FBI request to unlock the iPhone 5c belonging to a San Bernardino shooter.

Cook has continued to voice his opinion and Apple's stance on this issue since then, and it is reiterated once again in the 30-minute interview below. Cook is keen to make it clear that this isn't about unlocking just one iPhone; "it's about the future," and not setting a dangerous precedent.

Cook describes writing a tool that could unlock iPhones as "a slippery slope," and says there are hundreds of other iPhones with law enforcement agencies throughout America that are waiting to be unlocked with such software.

Cook also sympathizes with the victims of the San Bernardino attacks, and notes the incredible support Apple has received since it decided to stand up for user privacy and security.

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Apple is expected to ask Congress to decide this case, rather than the courts, and the company could argue that being forced to write code that "hacks" its own software breaches the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.