Apple hasn’t let very many people see the Apple Watch in action. Sure, the company invited the press to check out demo units back in September, but no outsiders have experienced what the upcoming smartwatch can really do. Until today, at least, when a visiting Chinese official reportedly got a personal presentation from Apple CEO Tim Cook.

China’s state-controlled media reports that Lu Wei, the country’s Internet minister, met with Apple during a trip to the U.S. that also included visits to Facebook and Amazon. The main purpose of the trip was apparently to help open up the Chinese market to new devices and online services. Lu also stressed the importance of protecting its citizens’ data from foreign companies.

Apple’s already started to push its upcoming smartwatch in China ahead of its official launch early next year, and given the massive population there, particularly when it comes to mobile consumers, it’s an increasingly important market for Apple. During a recent trip to the country, Cook boasted, “We are going to wonder how we ever lived without it.” The Cupertino company also secured placement for the wearable device on the cover of Vogue China that, again, should help cater the wearable to consumers there ahead of the device’s launch in early 2015.