Tim Cook Speaking

Last night Tim Cook took the famous hot red seat at the D11 conference and spoke with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher from AllThingsD. Apple's CEO was lobbed a few easy questions, some covering iOS and others that discussed plans for a TV that were easily avoided. Still, Cook promised that Apple has plenty of big plans for the future and said that Apple has "several more game changers" up its sleeves.

Apple did indeed change the tech game at several points in time. In 2007 the iPhone totally flipped the smartphone market on its head. Then the iPad achieved what no other tablet could: massive success in the consumer market. Pundits and analysts alike have questioned whether Apple still has the magic up its sleeves to create new "game changers," however.

It's easy for Tim Cook to sit on stage and tell the world that new products that will flip the industry on its head are coming, but we still have no idea what's inbound. We hope that Apple is indeed working on new products such as an iWatch or an iTV. The iWatch could totally revamp wearable technology — maybe even create a real industry where an infantile one currently exists — and the iTV has long been rumored as a product with the potential to change our living rooms forever.

Tim Cook and his team will take the stage early next month during WWDC 2013 to introduce the latest software, likely iOS 7 and the next iteration of OS X, but we're starting to itch for new products. Hopefully those come this fall.