Apple Store Sales

Internal Apple documents, recently unsealed during a lawsuit, suggest Apple CEO Tim Cook had no idea about a practice that involved employee bag checks in Apple Store retail locations. The class action lawsuit was originally filed in 2013 on behalf of employees who were seeking pay for time spent during the security checks.

In one email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, an employee argued that the bag checks made him feel like a criminal. "[Managers] are required to treat 'valued' employees as criminals," the email said. "These procedures are often performed in front of gawking customers." Cook apparently had no idea of the practice and, according to Reuters, sent an email to the company's HR and retail execs asking "Is this true?"

The bag checks are meant to prevent theft in Apple Store locations, but are apparently done in front of customers and out in the open, which is embarrassing to some employees. Reuters said a hearing on whether or not employees will be paid for the bag checks is scheduled for July 2.