During Apple's shareholder meeting on Wednesday, CEO Tim Cook confirmed the company is "looking at new categories" for the upcoming year. Cook admitted the company could go in new directions in the future, but stopped short of what he actually means by that. I can think of a few.

"Obviously we're looking at new categories," Cook said. "We don't talk about them, but we're looking at them."

Although Apple's stock has taken a huge hit over the past few months, Cook noted that Apple actually grew by $48 billion in fiscal 2012—more than Google, Microsoft, Dell, HP and BlackBerry combined. Yet many outlets keep claiming Apple is on an ironclad downward spiral.

An actual Apple television has been the biggest rumored product from Apple, while a smart watch has picked up steam over the past several weeks. We've also heard rumors of a possible iPad redesign, but that's not exactly a new category from Apple.

Whatever it is Apple introduces, it needs to be big. Investors are worried about the company's recent performance but, as ever, Tim Cook seems confident Apple will endure.