The next new Tiger Woods title will be the first in the franchise to feature Kinect functionality. PGA Tour 13 will actually be the first EA Sports game to be fully playable with the Kinect. The trailer above shows exactly how that will happen on a player level.

EA Sports lists a few of the  "integration details" for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 and the Kinect:

  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 will be the first-ever sports simulation for the Kinect for Xbox 360.
  • Tracking full body movements, this is the most advanced virtual golf swing to date.
  • Controller-free and voice-enabled controls provide a unique, never- before-seen sports gaming experience.

As an extremely novice golfer (I play for the drinks, I won't lie), the only potential problem I might have with Kinect integration stems from the finite mechanics of swinging.

When you address the ball and take a crack at it, your shot depends upon more than the smoothness of your backswing. Will the Kinect be precise enough to recognize and play off of limp wrists or hand twists? Those things dictate the quality of a shot in golf. If this is a "sports simulation," then simulating finite mechanics matters. The Move and Wii MotionPlus can detect subtle twists and turns during a swing, can the Kinect?

I've never polled the TechnoBuffalo crowd when it comes to golf: will you folks be checking Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 and the Kinect functionality when it drops this spring? Or, is the traditional controller approach to golf more your style?

[via EA]

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