There are two ways to experience ultra realistic driving for $1,000. One is to buy an old beater and throw caution to the wind. The other is to pick up an Xbox One, a copy of Forza Motorsport 5, and the $400 Thrustmaster: TX Racing wheel for Xbox One.

As GamesBeat notes, Twitter user LikChan caught the GameStop posting first, which gives the wheel a release date of Nov. 22, launch day for the Xbox One.

The video above, which debuted last week and features the Thrustmaster TX, gives some details about how racing wheels will work with the Xbox One and while the modularity discussion is interesting, seeing is believing. I don't believe it yet. I am curious, however, to see how the expanded force feedback options affect the feel of this generation's racing wheels.


The big news from the video, though, is the confirmation that Xbox 360 wheels will not work with the Xbox One. This is sure to be a disappointment to loyal Forza fans who spent hundreds on their wheels. The reality of moving technology forward sometimes leaves legacy hardware in the dust, but this sends a clear message to console gamers that spending hundreds on a racing wheel isn't a great idea, especially later in a console's lifespan.

The upshot is that many of those premium wheels are PS3-compatible and Gran Turismo 6 isn't too far off.

Also, has this guy ever used a racing wheel? No one passes those things back and forth. You have to bolt that stuff down if you don't want to feel like you're driving an old truck over an even older bridge.