We're halfway through the workweek so it's time to treat yourself. Luckily for you, we've rounded up the day's best deals so you can splurge without breaking the bank.

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EufyCam E Wireless Home Security Camera System

The Eufy security eufyCam E wireless home security 1080p 1-camera system is down to a ridiculously low price of $179.99. This deal is thanks to a standard price drop from $280 to $238, a $20 off on-page coupon, and the coupon code EUFYCC22 that takes off an extra $38. You're basically saving $100 and getting your foot in the door for 1080p home security.

$179.99 280 $100 off

With coupon: EUFYCC22

This 100% wire-free camera system is IP65 weatherproof-rated and has an internal battery that can last for a full year on a single charge (or three years in standby mode). It films in 1080p resolution and features night vision as well so you can see anything going on outside no matter what time of day it is. And using the EufySecurity app, you'll be able to check in on the camera's video feed no matter where you are.

Unlike other security systems, the eufyCam E doesn't require that you pay for a monthly service to use it. A 16GB microSD card is included with its purchase so you can store up to a year of recordings without needing anything extra, but the home base supports up to 128GB so you can upgrade for more room if you want to. You'll also receive mounting hardware so you can install it easily around your home.

If you're looking to add more cameras to your setup, you can do that at any time in the future for $179.99 per camera. The packages above also include the required base station that helps the cameras all work together seamlessly, and it can support up to 16 total cameras.

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⚡️ Quick charge: Anker Fast Wireless Charging Stand

If you're not taking advantage of wireless charging, you're living incorrectly. Amazon has the Anker 10W Fast Wireless Charging Stand on sale for just $13.59 today when you apply code KJANKER1 during checkout. We've seen it sell for over $40 in the past, and this also makes it a match for the lowest price we've seen at Amazon for this stand. The Qi-certified charging stand can power up any Qi-enabled smartphone including the Samsung Galaxy series, the latest iPhone models, and many more, with 7.5W or 10W fast charging for devices that allow it. It also works with cases up to 5mm in thickness.

$13.59 at Amazon

On the road: DBPOWER 12V DC Portable Tire Inflators

Staying prepared can save you so much money in the long run, which is why you need one of DBPOWER's 12V DC Portable Tire Inflators in your vehicle's glove box whenever you drive away from home. Though this black and yellow model normally sells for around $22 on average, today you can pick one up for only $15.99 when you enter coupon code FPT2YYI4 during checkout. That's a discount of $4 off its current $20 price tag. It's powerful enough to inflate a standard mid-sized car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in under five minutes. It's suitable for cars, motorcycles, bikes, and even sports balls.

$15.99 at Amazon

Save it: RAVPower FileHub Travel Router

Transferring files between various devices can be such a hassle. With the RAVPower FileHub Travel Router, you can make it easy by plugging in portable hard drives, SD cards and more to transfer or back up files wirelessly between devices like your phone, tablet, or laptop. Though it's normally priced around $60, clipping the coupon on its product page and then entering code FC89CT4C during checkout will bring its price down to $44.99 at Amazon. That's the lowest we've ever seen it reach. It also doubles as a 802.11ac wireless travel router that can share Internet access to multiple devices simultaneously.

$44.99 at Amazon

Scroll over here: Pecham Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Pecham's Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is available for just $8.35 at Amazon when you use promo code 2Q9N3UCB during checkout. That'll take its price back down to the lowest it's been over the past year and save you a bit over $4 off its regular cost. This extra large mouse pad is more akin to a desk pad, as it has enough space for your mouse, keyboard, and more at close to 31 inches long. Its ultra-smooth surface allows for precise control while gaming; it also has a water-resistant surface and an anti-slip rubber base to prevent it from sliding around.

$8.35 at Amazon

Take charge: Huaham Angled USB-C Cables

Having a charging cable in the way while you're trying to use your device isn't the biggest issue in the world, but it's one you can solve for just a few dollars. This three-pack of Huaham Angled USB-C Cables drops to just $7.19 at Amazon when you enter promo code RAngle40 during checkout. That'll save you $5 off its regular cost of $12. Huaham's three-pack comes with three USB-C cables of various sizes — 1-foot, 3-foot, and 6-foot — which each feature a durable 90-degree USB-C connector which won't get in the way while you charge and use the device at the same time. They're suitable for data transfer too with speeds up to 480Mbs. The code also works with the non-angled 4-pack.

$7.19 at Amazon

DIY: AmazonBasics Smartphone Repair Kit

Finding the opportunity to get your smartphone repaired can be a huge drain on your free time. Instead of waiting around, the AmazonBasics Smartphone Repair Kit is on sale today at Amazon for just $8.06 — only a few cents above the lowest price it's ever reached before. This handy repair kit is suitable to help with your smartphones, game consoles, watches, eyeglasses, and more. It features a precision aluminum screwdriver with a telescopic handle along with two mini pry bars, an opening pick, a SIM card ejector tool, and a suction cup which all come packaged in a durable zippered travel case. Its 1 and 3/4-inch S2 screwdriver bits can fit into extremely tight spaces and a pentagonal size is included for iPhone and iPad repairs.

$8.06 at Amazon

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