It can be frustrating to encounter paywalls when you're reading the news, but it's important to stay informed. Today Amazon is offering eight weeks of digital access to The Washington Post for free. Note that this subscription does automatically renew, but you can cancel it at any time before the renewal hits. Just set a reminder on your phone to cancel if you're not interested in continuing the subscription at $5 per month.

This subscription includes access to all of The Washington Post's website content, plus access to The Washington Post app. It reaches across all of your devices as well.

So, how does it work? In this case, you manage your subscription and account through Amazon and choose to 'Login with Amazon' in the Washington Post apps and website to gain access. If you were to go directly to The Washington Post, you could get your first month's access for $1 and your first year's subscription for $45, though it goes up to $120 in your second year and beyond. This deal at Amazon is not only cheaper and great for those who are ineligible for that new subscriber discount, but it also allows you to have the ease of managing their account via Amazon.

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