FM transmitters have been around for quite a while and have improved over the years with the addition of new features. One such multi-functional device is the Anker Roav SmartCharge F3. And today it falls to $23.99 when you use code ROAV33AA during checkout — a low that we've never seen it hit before. Not only can it wirelessly transmit audio from your phone to your Bluetooth-less car stereo system, but it also has a Quick Charge 3.0 USB port for juicing up your device quickly. As well as that, it has the ability to mark your parked car's location on a map in the accompanying app for you when you disconnect. Pretty neat stuff.

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Anker Roav SmartCharge F3 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The SmartCharge F3 is an easier and more affordable way to bring wireless audio (and more) to your current car. Use the blow coupon to snag one at $6 off.

$23.99 $29.99 $6 off

With coupon: ROAV33AA

To get it working, you connect your phone to the SmartCharge F3 via Bluetooth. It then automatically scans for unused FM frequencies in your area and all you have to do is set your car's radio to that same frequency and, voilà, you're streaming your own music on your janky old car stereo. You can also use it to take crystal clear hands-free calls thanks to a built-in noise-cancelling mic all while keeping your phone topped up along the way. If you want to keep some music stored locally, rather than hooking up your phone to stream it, there's support for microSD cards and USB sticks, as well as an Aux In port.

While other cheaper alternatives do exist — including other options from Anker — not all of them have Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities, external media support, or the smart car finder feature.

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