When you think of smart lights, you think of Philips Hue. When you think of smart assistants, you think of Google Home. Right now, Best Buy is bundling the 4-bulb Hue Color Starter Kit with two Google Home Minis for just $169.99. The Hue Starter Kit regularly sells for as much as $199.99 on its own, so this is not only a discount on the kit, but it scores you the Home Mini smart speakers at no additional cost which normally are priced at up to $49 apiece. This is also the lowest price we've ever seen this bundle reach.

Smart Buy

Philips Hue Color Starter Kit + Google Home Mini 2-pack

Best Buy's offering this 4-bulb Philips Hue starter kit at a discount, and you'll also receive two free Google Home Mini smart speakers with its purchase! They'll allow you to begin voice controlling the bulbs and other compatible smart home devices with ease.

$169.99 $297.99 $128 off

You can ask the Google Assistant to turn the Hue lights on or off, change the colors, and much more. In addition, the Home Minis can control other smart home gadgets, read you the news, play music, and so much more. If you want to get into the smart home world without going broke, this is a great way to do it.

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