The Oittm Charging Stand for iOS devices and Apple Watch is capable of charging five devices all at the same time, making for one powerful desktop dock. Though it'd normally cost around $36 to snag one for your home, entering code 2PO72WCD during checkout at Amazon will drop its price to just $21.59 for a limited time.

Take Charge

Oittm Charging Stand for iOS devices and Apple Watch

This stand from Oittm is built to power up iOS devices like the latest iPhone models and the Apple Watch Series 4, though its integrated USB ports can charge much more than that.

$21.59 $35.99 $14 off

With coupon: 2PO72WCD

This well-reviewed 5-in-1 stand features a lightning port for your iOS device, a spot to display and charge your Apple Watch, and three USB ports where you could power up other devices. While it's made to charge your devices, it doesn't have the capability to provide power to them on its own. You'll need to attach your own Lightning cable and Apple Watch magnetic charging cable to begin charging. Luckily, there's a cable management space on the inside where you can hide those and keep your desk looking tidy.

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