The Minger Govee 6.56-foot TV Backlighting LED strip is down to $6.99 with code JDSEMJE4 on Amazon. This strip is $14 without the code so you're saving half with this deal. It has never dropped this low directly before.

Light 'em up

Minger Govee 6.56-foot TV Backlighting LED strip

If you spend long periods of time looking at a computer monitor or TV, it's worth considering some ambient lighting to fend off eye strain. It also looks super cool. This LED light strip is half off with code JDSEMJE4.

$6.99 $13.99 $7 off

Set this strip up behind your TV or computer monitor to create a bias lighting effect, which helps create ambient light around the screen and reduce the strain of using monitors in dark rooms. The strip is 6.56 feet long but can be cut down to fit whatever size you need and its USB connector means you can plug it into your display directly so it powers on when your display does. You can also get L-shaped connectors if you want to cut the strip to go around corners more easily. This strip has been designed to be used indoors and features 3M adhesive tape on the back so that installing it anywhere is simple. It also comes with a portable controller for easy color and brightness adjustments.

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