The Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard and mouse are down to $69.99 at Amazon. This bundle is usually $100 there. Right now you can get the keyboard alone for $54, and the mouse is $28 by itself, so you're saving a lot by buying these two items together at this price. This deal is matching a one day deal at Best Buy and its eBay store.

Reduce RSI

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

If you strain your hands and wrists working from a computer all day, you could benefit from these ergonomic devices. At $69.99, the bundle is down to its best price in years.

$69.99 $99.99 $30 off

While made by Microsoft, the mouse and keyboard are compatible with Mac and Android operating systems in addition to Windows. The keyboard comes with a separate number pad so you can put it in the best position in your workspace. The arc of the keys mimics the curved shape of your finger tips. The reverse tilt and palm rest are meant to support a neutral wrist position. The mouse's height and angle, along with the "thumb scoop", is designed so your hand and wrist stay in the best possible positions. It uses optical tracking technology that can work on any surface.

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