If you need something to do to occupy your time while you wait for your copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield to ship, why not grab yourself this Mega Construx Charizard figure and spend, like, 5 minutes piecing it together? It usually sells for twice this price and is the perfect gift for any Pokémon fan.

Charizard is the best

Mega Construx Charizard Figure

It's a great time to be a Pokémon fan with new games on the horizon and discounted toys for Prime Day!

$9.09 $19.99 $11 off

This buildable model of everyone's favorite fire-type Pokémon has 198 pieces. The end result is a 4.5-inch figure with articulated arms, legs, head, and tail for maximum poseability. The set also includes a buildable environment that acts as a display stand. When you complete it, check out the rest of the Mega Construx Pokémon range for your next challenge.

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