If you see the Nintendo Switch's lack of a D-Pad as one of its major weak points, consider picking up Hori's D-Pad Controller. Though they regularly sells for $25, today you can pick up the Mario edition for just $18.54 at Amazon, dropping it down to its lowest price ever.

For just about a dollar more, you can snag either the Zelda or Pikachu edition for $19.99, saving $5 off their regular price in the process.


Hori D-Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch

This themed Nintendo Switch controller is officially licensed by Nintendo and $10 off via Amazon for a limited time.

$14.99 $24.99 $10 off

Similar in design to the Joy-Con controllers, these products come with just one controller for the left-hand side of your console which features an authentic D-Pad that can help you master D-Pad intensive titles like Dead Cells. These controllers are officially licensed by Nintendo, though you make a few compromises by using one instead of the Joy-Con, such as the inability to play wirelessly with it — it can only be used in handheld mode. There's also no amiibo functionality nor rumble or motion controls.

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