The GoPro Fusion 360-degree camera is down to $299 on Amazon. This is a new low price for the camera there where it was selling as high as $600 in February and recently was going for $399. The price is matched at B&H and a just dollar more at at Best Buy.

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GoPro Fusion 360-degree camera

We've shared deals on this camera before, but they never tend to last long before selling out or jumping back up in price. It's back down to it's crazy low price of $299 so you want to hop on this deal while you can.

$299 $399 $100 off

With a 360-degree camera you can capture video and photos of all the stuff happening around you. The videos can reach up to 5.2K resolutions and the photos use an 18MP sensor. You can then use your smartphone to turn the videos into 1080p from any angle or crop the photos into standard resolution, too. The Fusion is compatible with a wide range of Apple and Android devices, and you can use your phone to create and share the footage you've captured using the free GoPro app. You can even use your 360-degree footage in virtual reality to fully immerse yourself or your friends in the memory.

The Fusion requires two Class 10 SD cards. Lucky for you these Samsung Evo Select 128GB cards are within a dollar of their lowest ever price right now.

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