You can get 12 months of ExpressVPN's service for $99.95. That makes it just $8.32 per month — a savings of 35%. This is billed as $99.95 up front, saving you $55.45 off the cost of paying for ExpressVPN's monthly plan for that length of time.

Protect yourself


VPN's are super important these days and help keep your browsing sessions secured. If you're looking to try one out and aren't quite sure which one to go with, we highly recommend this option.

$99.95 $155.40 $55 off

VPN services are going mainstream, and for good reason. They are super handy and help keep your private information private. If you regularly bank or shop online, use public Wi-Fi hotspots frequently, or if you want to access content that's region-locked, a VPN is for you.

ExpressVPN is a highly-rated VPN service with an excellent feature-set such as over 3,000 servers around the globe, no activity logs or connection logs, a built-in speed test so you get the fastest connection, unlimited bandwidth, and 256-bit data encryption. There are apps for pretty much every platform including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, and a single subscription can be used simultaneously on any three supported devices.

If you prefer to sign up for a shorter period of time, ExpressVPN's 6-month plan works out at $9.99 per month which is a few bucks cheaper than paying monthly, but the longer plan offers better value. ExpressVPN does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try out out worry-free and see if it works for your needs.

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