Having a DC Universe membership gives you unlimited access to original DC series, beloved films and TV shows, animated movies, a curated list of comics, and more. While the service normally costs $7.99 monthly, today you can start your membership for less than a dollar. Through April 4, DC Universe is celebrating Batman's 80th anniversary by offering new members their first month of service for only 80 cents! Unlike some other streaming services, this one only offers a 7-day free trial, so getting a full month at this price is a great deal. You'll also receive that free 7-day trial tacked on to the beginning of your membership so you can cancel before it charges you $0.80 in a week, just in case you've decided it's not for you.

Happy B-Day, Batman!

DC Universe subscription

DC Universe is celebrating Batman's 80th anniversary with one of the best offers we've ever seen on its service, offering unlimited access to animated movies, legendary films and TV shows, comics, and more.

$0.80 $7.99 $7 off

Once the month is up, your membership will auto-renew at its regular cost of $7.99 unless you cancel beforehand. If you love DC Universe, after your first month you should switch to an annual plan at $74.99. That'd bring the cost of each month down to $6.25 apiece and you wouldn't have to worry about it charging your bank account each month. Annual members also receive a few extra benefits that monthly subscribers lose out on.

Today only, DC Universe is opening its doors to everyone so you can preview the service without even logging in! Simply head to the DC Universe homepage and choose a movie or comic to start viewing; you might want to bring out your Batman gear to celebrate while you're at it. To learn more about DC Universe, be sure to read over our overview of the service.

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