If I ever had to evacuate my home, after I made sure my cats and laptop were safe, the next thing I'd grab would be my 1.5L Bella Electric Kettle. Zombies coming? Grab the kettle. Going to a desert island and I can only bring three things? Cats, power grid, kettle. You get the picture, and you can get yourself the kettle too, at only $37.99 today via Amazon. Usually, this colorway costs $50, and it has never dropped even close to this price before now. Other colors have sold for $35 in the past, but this specific version is the least gaudy, and the least expensive it's ever been.

Couldn't Get Easier

Bella 1.5 Liter Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle

I use this electric kettle every single day. It's incredibly simple, safe, and affordable too thanks to this Prime Day discount.

$37.99 $49.99 $12 off

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Why is an electric kettle so neat, you ask? For one, you literally just fill it with water, set it down on the included base, and push a button. A few moments later, your water is boiling. No shrill kettles, waiting for your stovetop to heat up, or babysitting a pot necessary. I love this kettle for pour-over coffee, but it's also handy when cleaning, when preparing food like instant oatmeal, when making tea, or when trying to quickly thaw something out. It features built-in safety measures against fires and overheating, and the gooseneck spout makes it easy to pour precisely.

I never realized how much I'd reach for this until I got it, and while other countertop appliances have come and gone, my kettle has remained firmly in place and will until I have to replace it. Be sure to check out all of the other Prime Day deals up for grabs right now too!

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