Use code IVVBVYHT during checkout at Amazon to drop the price of the BC Master Car Charger from $11.66 to only $3.50. That's less than you'll spend on coffee today, and the product has received positive feedback so far.

You'll use it

BC Master Car Charger

This'll cost you just a few bucks thanks to coupon code IVVBVYHT. The two USB ports will charge your devices as quickly (and safely) as possible.

$3.50 $11.66 $8 Off

This QC 3.0 model offers up to 4X faster speeds than an average charger. It also provides the fastest charge possible to devices that aren't QC compatible. There are two USB-A ports so you can top off multiple devices at once. The built-in safety features prevent things like overheating and overcharging, too. Your purchase includes a two-year warranty.

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