Update: This deal just got much, much better. You can now add this second dash cam to your cart and it will become free with purchase of the dash cam below! It's not as fully-featured, but it's still highly rated... and free! Using the promo code still works to save $20 too.

In the checklist of everything you need in your car, I'd argue that a dash cam is at the top. Luckily you can use code 4BM4Y7OJ to score $20 off the Apeman 1080p Dual Dash Cam via Amazon. Today's deal beats any other we've seen for this product.

Dash to the Deal

Apeman 1080p Dual Dash Cam

Every driver should have one of these, and today's price is the lowest we've seen yet.

$80 $100 $20 Off

With coupon: 4BM4Y7OJ

Let's just say that you're the vicim of a hit-and-run, and you don't have the time or wherewithal to catch the culprit's plates. Or some ne'er-do-well decides to egg your car and slash your tires, but your insurance just kicked in and you're worried it will look fraudulent. Or you're turning through an intersection, someone speeds through a stop sign and totals your car, and says the accident is your fault. All of those scenarios are plausible, and all of them are examples of why a dash cam is essential.

This specific model features two lenses, one for the front view and one for the rear. Both record in 1080p for high definition, at a 150-degree angle for a clear view. It also has a built-in G-sensor to automatically detect a shake or collision, and if that ever happens, the camera automatically starts recording. While footage is automatically overwritten once the camera's memory is full, those G-sensor files are always locked until you delete them. You'll want to supply a microSD card to ensure that your camera has enough space to record and save what it sees. Your purchased includes a one-year warranty.

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