Smart lights are more than just convenient. They can be somewhat fun, too, which you can discover for yourself for just $14.27 with the Eufy Tunable White Lumos Smart Bulb. Using promo code EUFYBULB during checkout at Amazon will take $7 off its price and score you one of its best deals in history.

Smart Choice

Anker eufy Tunable White Lumos Smart Bulb

This 60W equivalent smart bulb offers tunable white shades of light from soft white to daylight, which you can switch using an app on your phone or even your voice and a device compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

$14.27 $21.96 $8 off

With coupon: EUFYBULB

With its integrated Amazon Alexa compatibility, you can voice control this light bulb if you have a device such as the Echo Dot speaker. It also connects to an app on your phone, allowing you to adjust the look of the light, control multiple bulbs at once, and more. Best of all, no hub is required unlike other options like Philips Hue bulbs. Using the app, you can create lighting schedules, turn on Away mode, and set timers. Eufy includes an 18-month warranty with this purchase as well.

If you're on the hunt for multi-colored smart bulbs, Eufy offers a version priced at $34.99.

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