It's only been out for a few months now, but it's clear to see why the versatile Echo Show 5 is Amazon's best Echo device to date. This streamlined version of the original Echo Show is a bit more compact and much more affordable, with an integrated smart display that lets you watch videos, control smart home devices, talk with Alexa, and more. The device debuted this past May for $89.99, though Amazon has a special offer for those looking to buy one. The Echo Show 5 is down to only $64.99 today with free shipping. That's $10 less than the best price we've seen prior to today, and also the best deal we've ever posted for a single device. Up until now, the best savings came with multiple devices, so now is the perfect time to shop if you're in the market.

At A Glance

Amazon Echo Show 5

This 5.5-inch smart display lets you check the weather, watch movie trailers, listen to music, and control smart home devices. For a limited time, you can save $25 on this recently-released device.

$64.99 $89.99 $25 off

Amazon's Echo Show 5 is equipped with a compact 5.5-inch smart display that can show you the weather, news reports, movie trailers, and more, or you can listen to radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, and music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify. It's best utilized as a hub for any smart home devices you have too, as it allows you to voice control any compatible devices using Amazon Alexa.

There have been some of privacy concerns regarding Amazon Alexa and the Echo devices as of late, which is why the latest Echo Show 5 comes with a feature that allows you to delete all of your old voice commands by speaking prompts such as "Alexa, delete everything I said today". For more on the Echo Show 5, check out this in-depth review which rated it with 4.5 out of 5 stars; this video by Modern Dad shows off some important details as well.

You can also snag some incredible savings on the Echo Dot right now, if you want to add more gadgets to your smart home arsenal.

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