Threes Game

Threes!, the tile matching game for iOS and Android, went free-to-play a month ago. Developer Asher Vollmer took to Twitter this week to talk about how the game has been doing since:

The team didn't jump into free-to-play without thinking about it, though. In an interview with Polygon, the team explained that it looked at banner ads only to notice immediately how the ads in Drop7 hurt the look of the stylish game. Instead, players are given a set number of sessions they can play, and then they can watch ads to earn more if they don't want to buy the game.

Vollmer even had some graphs ready for curious readers showing things like paid vs. advertisement profits and player retention of the two versions.

In short, this looks to have worked out quite well for the developer. There are no in-app purchases, no banner ads – two of the most annoying elements in free games – and yet it has given the game a big boost while providing players another way to play.