Three store in UK

British carrier Three has revealed its data plans for Apple's new iPad ahead of its U.K. launch on Friday, March 16. The tablet will be subsidized if you're willing to sign up to a two-year commitment, with prices starting at just £99 (approx. $155).

In addition to the £99 fee up-front, the 16GB 4G iPad will cost you £29 (approx. $45) per month. Alternatively, if you'd like to pay less each month, you can pay £159 (approx. $249) for the device up-front, but the monthly fee only reduces by £4 to £25 (approx. $39).

The 32GB 4G model will cost you £169 (approx. $264) up-front on that £29 per month plan, or £229 (approx. $358) on the cheaper £25 per month plan. For the 64GB 4G model, you'll pay £249 (approx. $390) up-front on the £29 per month plan, or £299 (approx. $468) on the £25 per month plan.

All of those plans have a whopping 15GB data allowance each month, which should certainly keep you going.

If you haven't got the whole £499 (approx. $781) up-front for the 4G device, then this looks like the best way to purchase one. You need to bear in mind, however, that you're tied into a 24-month contract, and that over the course of that 24 months, you'll end up paying more for the device.

If you don't want to get tied into a contract and you don't need your new iPad to be subsidized by a carrier, you can pay full price for the device — that's £479 (approx. $750) for the 16GB model, £549 (approx. $859) for the 32GB model, and £629 (approx. $985) for the 64GB model — and simply pop in one of Three's micro SIM cards. For £15 (approx. $23) per month, Three will give your 10GB of data. Or you can get 1GB for just £7.50 (approx. $12) per month.

One other thing you must remember before purchasing this device is that, although it does come with 4G capabilities and Apple advertises these in the U.K., there are currently no 4G LTE networks. Like the iPad 2, the new device will simply use the existing 3G networks until 4G ones are available.

Will you be buying your new iPad from Three? If so, which device on which plan will you go for?

[via Pocket-lint]