While there have always been fanboy wars between Microsoft and Apple users, as of late it seems that the dislike/hatred of Apple has been growing more and more.  Everything the company does seems to illicit a slew of blog posts about how this is just another typical move for the company, or this is the worst thing it has done since yesterday.  I think if the Apple corporate headquarters cafeteria menu was published online we would probably see some vitriol spewed over how it wasn’t healthy enough or how they were stripping away the rights of their employees to choose greasier foods.

In short: This once golden child of the technology world can do no right any more.

What has caused this?  What has made so many people turned on this company?  We pose a few possible answers for your consideration.

steve jobs ipad


Lets face it, watching a Steve Jobs keynote address feels like you are peering into the meeting of a religious cult: The way he dresses, the soft spoken tone, the decelerations of  things being “revolutionary”.  It’s all a bit much to take at times, but it’s hard to argue with their sales numbers when they’ve sold 250 million iPods and 87 million iPhones.  The iPad was but the icing on the cake, and referring to the device as “revolutionary” was one of the most glowing examples of how this company is given to hyperbole.

People don’t like to be fed full of bunk, and while the iPad is a nifty device, there is not exactly anything “revolutionary” about it.  Using that word caused an immediate backlash, and that is but one example of Mr. Jobs doing such things on stage.  The more it happens, the more people will write negatively about the company.

Too Much Like Microsoft

For years people have hated on Microsoft because … well … they’re Microsoft!  They make money and they control too much of the market!  Yeah, that’s why!

Apple is beginning to find itself in the same boat, especially with the iPhone and the iPad.  How many touchscreen phones were there before the iPhone?  How many tablet computers were on the market before the iPad?  It has begun to feel like that the majority of the industry just spends its time playing “Follow the Apple” as opposed to being innovative on their own.  Mark my words, when the iToaster comes out running the iPhone OS, we will see a slew of new connected toasters.  (Hopefully with GPS so we can check in on Foursquare repeatedly with ‘in my kitchen’.)

Remember When They Used To Play Clubs?

The music industry has been plagued for ages with people hating on a band because they get successful and move up to arena-sized venues.  “Man, they used to be so good when they played clubs, now they just suck!”

It is human nature to root for the underdog.  My father has rooted for the New Orleans Saints for 30 some years for this very reason.  He isn’t from New Orleans, never been to a Saints game, but they have always been ‘his team’ because he likes rooting for the underdog.  Apple was the underdog for years, they had their loyal users, but the company struggled through financial hardships and messy product launches (hello, Cube!), but now they are a robust company worth around $50 billion, it’s difficult to qualify them as the ‘underdog’ any more.  Now they’re playing the arenas.  Just look back at the introduction of the first iPod and compare it to the product launches they do now.  Get the analogy now?

Can They Ever Win Us Back?

Honestly, once a company starts down this road, it’s almost impossible to go back, there is no real way to go back to being the underdog.  Sure there are some ways they could repair their image, but is it even worth it at this point?

What say you?  Why is there seemingly so much more Apple hatred these days?