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If you’re a data hog like me, and you can’t step foot out of your house without loading up a web browser or Twitter client on your smartphone, then you’ll undoubtedly want unlimited data on your monthly plan. Unfortunately, unlimited data seems to be becoming something of a rarity these days, but not if you’re with U.K. carrier Three.

Three is set to extend its unlimited mobile data plan to all of its contracts, meaning that for a measly £3 (approx. $4.67) per month, you can enjoy unmetered Internet access on your smartphone without having to worry about exceeding your allowance.

The offer was initially available only to customers signed up to Three’s ‘The One Plan’, but from October 7 it will be available to anyone. That means you’ll be able to get unlimited data on plans that start from as little as £18 (approx. $28) per month.

And before you try to convince yourself that you don’t need unlimited data, you might be consuming more than you think. Three has revealed that the average data consumption of iPhone 4 users back in February was 488MB per month. By August? A whopping 1.2GB per month! There’s nearly tripled in just six months.

Ernest Doku, an expert at uSwitch — one of the U.K.’s leading comparison services — says that Three’s new deal shows the smartphone market is evolving:

“This is a bold, but clever move by Three – and further evidence of the speed at which the smartphone market is evolving.

“Unlimited data for less than the price of a posh sandwich would have seemed unthinkable just a few months ago.

“By bringing the price of mobile internet down so dramatically, Three aims to give price-savvy shoppers a genuine choice between pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts.”

I would happily pay an additional £3 per month for unlimited data if it meant I no longer received those all too familiar “You’ve used all of your data allowance this month” text messages. It’s certainly cheaper than paying for data by the megabyte when you go over your allowance.

Would you pay a couple of extra pounds/dollars to get unlimited data on your contract?

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[via Pocket-lint]