Game Informer recently revealed that their cover story for this month’s issue will be Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last of Us. The PlayStation 3 exclusive hasn’t seen much coverage outside of a trailer and a few quotes from the staff working on the game, so these screenshots mark the first of a wave of new media.

Find the first screenshot above and the remainder in the gallery at the base of this post.

There are a few details in Game Informer‘s story for the three screenshots (which you should read by hitting the source link below), but there’s one that I wanted to draw attention towards before wrapping this up.

Game Informer demoed the game. According to them, Ellie, the female character, is unplayable. However, your experience with the game won’t necessarily be that of one long escort mission for Ellie. Instead, Game Informer indicates that Ellie keeps up and stays out of the way. Naughty Dog is focusing on making her AI smart enough to keep her from becoming an annoying distraction, something that can hamper a game severely.

Finally, yes, these are in-game screenshots. The cityscape in question is that of Pittsburgh, PA. Naughty Dog looks like their pushing the envelope for console game development…again. I’m not surprised at all.

We’ll have more on The Last of Us as it comes. Be sure to hop into the source link below to read some of Game Informer‘s take on the game.

[via Game Informer]