Every New Year’s Eve for the last three years, my group of friends has elected to take a trip into the mountains in a large rented cabin for a few days. We ski, we drink, we party and we play tons and tons of video games. Considering which titles to add onto the pile of “to bring” is one of the discussions usually had during date nights in November and early December.

And that’s what lead me to creating this small list for your perusal…

The thing about this list is that it will feature games that are both open and accessible to all types of potential players. Some of your friends may not care for slaughter and mayhem, so Halo won’t necessarily do the trick when groups are drinking and looking to chill out with some games.

Dance Central

If you’ve got an Xbox 360 and a Kinect, there’s really one major game that’s a must at any gathering of this type: Dance Central. Go with the first or second game here, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you have friends on hand that are completely willing and able to make fools of themselves. Rock your camera phones and make sure you catch plenty of bribe-worthy footage for later dates.

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Rock Band

As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with any of the Rock Band games. If you snag the third in the series, you’ll be able to bring a keyboard into the mix for maximum silliness during your night of fun and friends.

Be warned, everyone thinks they can sing.

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Mario Kart

We’ll round out this minor list of group gaming go-tos with an old staple in the genre: Mario Kart. Face it, everyone can play Mario Kart. In fact, most people have spent at least some time behind the virtual wheel of one of these games. Pick any iteration from the Nintendo 64 forward in order to have the most number of gamers going at once.

You may wind up hating your friends by the time the night is through, but they’ll live.

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Other games to consider: Smash Bros., Buzz! Quiz World and Monkey Ball.

What are some of your favorite party games?