Platinum Games' online-brawler Anarchy Reigns launched in Japan yesterday, and the developer has released three gameplay trailers showing off several different multiplayer modes.

All three modes appear to be taken from traditional mutliplayer ideas. Battle Royal is a free for all with a heavy emphasis on landing blows and scoring as many points as possible. Mad of War is a huge traditional red and blue team death-match, while Tag Battle reduces the size down to four teams of two players. Other online modes like Capture the Flag and Death Ball.

Platinum Games always channels an old-school vibe to their games, and Anarchy Reigns' combat definitely harkens back to classic beat 'em ups. Fans of Japanese combo-driven action games should get a kick out of the idea of finally having a heavy brawler online, but the genre isn't exactly flying high these days. Still, when it comes to Japanese brawlers, the guys at Platinum Games' are responsible for most of Capcom's classics like Devil May Cry and God Hand. They know what they are doing.

The combat might be a little on the shallow side, but what makes Anarchy Reigns look so cool are the eight unique playable characters. Each character brings a new strategy to the table, adding a level of depth to creating a team. Platinum Games also places a heavy emphasis on interactive with the map. Button mashers won't be able to survive Anarchy Reigns without solid knowledge of the mechanics.

Anarchy Reigns was delayed in America until Q1 2013. It will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.