Three and EE have inked an agreement that will help both carriers roll out 4G LTE networks faster. The two will share the cost of the roll-out over the next three years, an additional £1 billion according to the Financial Times. The two companies will have different networks that use different spectrum and antennas, but will apparently save money by focusing on a single joint cause, however, instead of going at it alone.

EE already has a 4G LTE network in the U.K., though Three is dipping its toes in the water with this new investment. The Financial Times said Three hopes to cover 50 markets by the end of this year and it will begin to move customers over to its 4G plans in the coming months as it begins to advertise the up and coming network. By the end of next year, Three hopes to offer LTE across 98 percent of its existing network. EE is already far ahead and is ready to cover "70 percent of the British population this month," the Financial Times said.

The scene is different in the U.S., where all four of the major carriers, and several smaller ones, already have far-reaching 4G LTE networks. At this pace, it sounds like the U.K. will catch up rapidly.