THQ, the publishers behind Saints Row: The Third, Homefront and the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth, held a brief financial call yesterday evening. The 12 minute session featured the delay of several key titles for 2013. Today, the company faced a big drop in stock value. Things are not looking good for THQ.

When I showed Sean Aune, our Editor-in-Chief, the image of THQ’s stock action that you see at the head of this post, here’s what he said:

“I mean, I’m no stock expert or anything…That…is not good.”

Neither am I, Sean. Neither am I. I do know that stock lines tend to zig-zag up and down. There’s typically a generally downward or upward flow. Here? It looks like the gnomes responsible for drawing the line fell off a cliff while holding on to the pen.

Last year, THQ faced the threat of being de-listed from the NASDAQ. Their stock value fell below $1.00, but they were able to beat that minimum and remain on the NASDAQ. The good news is that there still half a dollar away from staring down that barrel again.

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