The Nintendo Switch is mighty popular, and you know that Nintendo fans will fight anyone to the death who dares insult it. Thanks to these two circumstances, publishers have been tip-toeing around their commitment and criticisms of the console with wishy-washy talks of ports and how their games can’t run at full power on the underpowered device.

Not THQ Nordic. Director Reinhard Pollice laid out some very frank and very real words about the shortcomings of the Nintendo Switch in a recent interview with, and it’s a bit refreshing to hear how somebody really feels.

We’ve been in touch with [Nintendo] about Switch for more than a year, so we’ve been looking at it for our current line-up and… we look wherever it’s possible. It’s a bit sad that they haven’t gone out with a more beefy hardware but it is what it is, so we just have to work our way around it.

He follows up by his game Battle Chasers is “a challenge to get running smoothly on Switchand Elex “just too demanding right now.”

The Switch is underpowered, no doubt, but that’s the risk Nintendo always takes to keep its consoles cheap and accessible to all audiences. No doubt Pollice’s words are going to be contorted to him calling the Switch is “sad” by the hot-tempered, but my guess is that he wants to make his games for the Switch and is upset that he has to work harder to make that happen. I can’t blame him for feeling this way, but that’s just how it is.

Nintendo do as Nintendo do. You can play along or not, Nintendon’t care.