Homefront was the much hyped and both widely praised and hated first person shooter from Kaos Studios and THQ. Despite the mediocre-to-poor critical reception, this title went on to sell exceptionally well given its branding. It also managed to ship more than 2 million units. THQ and Kaos Studios were already talking about sequels.

The development studio, location and talent for the potential Homefront sequels, however, has to change between now and any release down the line. News broke today that THQ has shut down the development house behind Homefront, Kaos Studios. This New York City based team has been outed their jobs, and THQ has announced that they will be shipping all Homefront project work up north to their Montreal studio in Canada.

The folks that worked on Homefront at Kaos? According to correspondence with Kotaku, THQ is giving the former team members the opportunity to interview for any other global positions within the company. While I may be missing something as this news works its way down the grape vine, I find myself reading that as: "Sorry about the job loss, but feel free to interview for any other job you like."

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo did pose the potential reasons for shutting Kaos Studios down as either related to the poor critical reception of Homefront or the cost of living and operating a business out of New York City. THQ would not comment on either point of speculation. They did offer, however, that Montreal would be working on Homefront as well as other IPs for the publisher.

What this means for the future of the franchise remains to be seen. However, a quick look at the sales results of the original game and a small dose of common sense would lead one to believe that THQ isn't done with this IP just yet.

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