Foxconn_iPhone 5_iPad Mini

Thousands of workers have reportedly started to line up for a chance at a summer job working on building Apple's new iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. According to M.I.C. Gadget, the workers are standing in the rain outside of a Foxconn plan in Chengdu, China just for a chance at working in the plant this summer. Each potential employee much pay roughly $24 as an application fee to Foxconn for the job, which requires excellent eyesight, sources speaking with M.I.C. Gadget said. Foxconn is also reportedly hiring workers at its Zhengzou plant.

The high interest is a bit surprising considering that the Fair Labor Association found in March that there are health and safety risks as well as "excessive" overtime in Foxconn's factories. Following the FLA report, Apple vowed to help share the costs of improving the working conditions, however, and several workers said they voluntarily worked the extra hours to make additional cash. Many employees also express frustration with Foxconn's decision to cut the working hours.

In any case, the photos above seem to reveal two things: There's a strong interest in working for Foxconn and, if the firm is indeed hiring thousands of new workers, Foxconn appears to be ramping up production of Apple products, which have allegedly already entered production.

[via CultofMac, M.I.C. Gadget]