Kindle FireThe Kindle Fire release is getting oh-so close (less than a week!), and with that we’ve got some good news coming out of the Amazon camp. Users who plan to pickup the hotly anticipated device will have a bevy of apps – popular ones – to choose from. In fact, Amazon is promising several thousand to be available on day one, including Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Pandora. In addition, games from Zynga, EA, Gameloft, PopCap and Rovio will be waiting in the Amazon Appstore, ready for you to get your game on.

Since the Fire’s announcement, Amazon has been hard at work partnering with app developers to make sure consumers get the most robust multimedia experience. Of course, Amazon is proud to say the device will be fully integrated with the company’s over 18 million movies, TV shows, music, books and magazines, as expected, with full Amazon Cloud backup for re-download anytime.

When the device is released on November 15, the ecosystem behind the Fire will be a huge contributing factor, aside from the price, in attracting customers. If Amazon is going to compete against other top tablets this holiday season, like the recently announced Nook Tablet, apps will ultimately be where it’s at for many consumers, particularly with the huge success the iPad has had with Apple’s iOS App Store.

The Kindle Fire is almost ready for its debut, Buffalo. Are you getting one?


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